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Cloud Surveillance

What is Cloud Surveillance?


No video surveillance storage device (DVR) on the customer premises. The video is stored remotely on a network video recorder (NVR). If the NVR is located on the public Internet, it is considered cloud storage or cloud based video surveillance.

Universal Access

Universal access via the Internet. Once the video is stored in the cloud, it can be easily accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Subscription Based Service Model

Unlike local DVRs, cloud based video surveillance is a shared platform which does not require upfront capital expenditure.

Service Provider Managed

No IT expertise need by customer to use cloud based video surveillance. Typically white glove services are offered by service providers to accommodate customer’s needs in case technical support and video retrieval assistance is desired.

Unlimited and Reliable Storage

DVRs typically have 1 or 2 disk drives without redundancy. Service providers can add unlimited amounts of additional storage capacity on demand with a cloud storage solution. Also, cloud storage provides redundancy in case of disk failures.

What makes OpticalTel’s Cloud Surveillance Special?

Simplicity, makes retrieving video as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Have you ever tried retrieving critical video from a DVR?

Affordable, Lowest cost cloud based solution available with services starting at $7.95 per camera per need for expensive equipment to be purchased and to be stored on-site.

Reliable, bullet proof video surveillance. No computer expertise required, OpticalTel’s non-stop video surveillance architecture records 7x24 with no interruptions.

Worry-free, it insures against loss of video due to fire, smoke, floods, destruction and theft. Video images are secured off-site in our cloud based storage vault. All video is tamper proof so that it may be used for evidentiary purposes in a court of law. Local DVRs can be defeated by on site / hands on intervention.

Programmability, our system can work together with other customer equipment to deliver an integrated video surveillance solution such as battery backup (UPS), photo and alarm sensors, POS systems and RFID technology.

Why Get It?

  • Deter Robbery & Internal theft
  • Higher Employee Productivity
  • Eliminates Complicated DVRs
  • Simple Interface. No Training Required
  • Mobile Enabled
  • Supports Unlimited Video Storage. Only provider offering 7-14 or 30-Day Storage
  • ROI in Months not Years - Virtually eliminate up front capital costs using the cell phone subscription model

The Cloud Revolution is here with Video Surveillance

OpticalTel transforms Video Surveillance systems into an on-demand service that can be accessed by any user, on many devices, anywhere, with unparalleled simplicity and scalability. You can be at your desktop with a computer, on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry or any other PDA that has Internet access to view the video online Today, Video Surveillance systems are used in homes, businesses and governments to provide security for people, places and things of value.

Services for Businesses

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