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Metro Ethernet

Metro E Product Line

  • Business Ethernet 10 Fixed
  • Business Ethernet 20 Fixed
  • Business Ethernet 50 Fixed
  • Business Ethernet 100 Fixed
  • Business Ethernet 250 Fixed
  • Business Ethernet 500 Fixed
  • Business Ethernet 900 Fixed
  • Business Ethernet 1000 Fixed

Bandwidth in Mb Up/Down

  • 10x10
  • 20x20
  • 50x50
  • 100x100
  • 250x250
  • 500x500
  • 900x900
  • 1000x1000

High-Speed, High-Performance Bandwidth without increasing your costs

OpticalTel understands todays’ businesses needs and offers the performance and reliability that any business needs to grow. As your business changes, OpticalTel’s Metro Ethernet can easily connect your business to the Internet and multiple business locations. Our low cost Metro Ethernet solution meets your intensive bandwidth demands, with better value.

What makes OpticalTel’s Metro Ethernet Special?

Meets your Demands

With symmetrical bandwidths up to 1000 Mbps, it delivers more bandwidth than traditional T1 services.

More bandwidth at lower costs

High-performance connectivity at a minimum cost, there's no better value than OpticalTel’s Business Ethernet.


Our Metro Ethernet is compatible with your existing equipment.


A wide variety of Metro Ethernet options, configurations and features enable us to customize services to any size of business.


Easily add bandwidth as your business grows with just a single phone call.


Locally-based technicians and 24/7 support proactively monitoring our network, assuring you unparalleled reliability and trustworthy business communications.

Take advantage of OpticalTel’s Metro Ethernet services. Get high-speed Internet access, VoIP and much more.

Why Metro Ethernet is Right for Your Business?

  • If you need reliable, fast uploads and download speeds, Metro Ethernet is the broadband for your business.
  • If your business needs to connect subscribers and branch offices with multiple business locations and transport large volumes of data quickly.
  • If it is time for your business to get connected and start expanding.
  • If you need to increase your bandwidth fast and easily without increasing your costs.

What Ethernet Solution is Right for Your Business?

Take advantage of OpticalTel’s Metro Ethernet services; Get high-speed Internet access, VoIP and much more.

Ethernet Access

Low cost Metro Ethernet access that delivers a variety of applications and services, like dedicated Internet access, VoIP and MPLS IP-VPN for your business.

Ethernet Private Line

Perfect for businesses that need dedicated point to point Ethernet connectivity between office locations.

Ethernet Hub

Use an Ethernet Hub to connect multiple branches or office locations to a main branch or data center.

Ethernet VPLS

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is a way to provide multipoint to multipoint communication over a network. VPLS allows you to connect multiple locations and maintain separate network domains. It’s essentially like linking your different physical locations together with multiple entrances, streets and highways.

Ethernet Voice

Use managed voice solutions over Ethernet provide you the flexibility and scalability your enterprise needs. We provide both PRI and SIP Trunks over your Ethernet connection. Use your existing PBX and order the amount of channels you need, consolidate your voice and data needs with a managed integrated facility. Receive advanced feature sets and business continuity. We offer unlimited calling plans at tremendous value. Need more, our Cloud PBX lets you focus on your business and not your business communications by offering you a fully managed voice solution.

Metro-Ethernet or T1 Line?

Small and medium size businesses typically use T1 lines or multiple T1 lines to provide reliable broadband connectivity. But now, Metro Ethernet is another option for higher bandwidth at lower prices. Metro Ethernet is available in a variety of bandwidth options from 10 Mbps through 1 Gbps. Small and medium size businesses will typically opt 10 Mbps options. An advantage of Ethernet is that it is scalable up to the fastest speed the connection will handle. You can start out with 10 Mbps bandwidth and upgrade to 20 Mbps, with just one phone call.

Services for Businesses

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