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Analog technology has been around for decades. Analog lines are often referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and provide a single analog communications circuit between the local end office (Class 5 switch) and the customer's telephone, key system, fax machine or modem. OpticalTel’s Analog Line offers a reliable and affordable solution for all your business’ telecommunications needs.

What is an Analog Line?

Analog lines connect your business over copper wires and are comprised of one phone number per line.

Why choose OpticalTel’s Analog Line Service?


Analog lines also known as Plain Old telephone Service (POTS) have been around for decades and are proven to work reliably all the time.


With OpticalTel’s Analog Line you will experience adequate range and excellent voice quality and not rely on user’s Internet connection to determine quality.

No Specialized Equipment

With POTS, once the phone line has been established, all you will need is a phone and a phone jack. Plug the phone in and you can begin receiving and making calls from it.

No electricity required

Unlike VoIP phones, regular POTS phones do not require power in order to work.

When to use Analog Lines?

Alarm Lines

An alarm system utilizing VoIP can have certification issues.

Fax Lines

Even though the T.38 standard has made faxing over VoIP reliable, customers that fax regularly and more than a couple of pages at a time experience issues. POTS lines usually will fix the problem.

Elevator Lines

If a power outage shuts off the elevator; you want the line inside to work.


Point of Sale and Credit Card Readers, PC Modems, Telemetry Systems, Leave a Line Behind as a life line (to support communications when all else fails).

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