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What is a "PRI" line?

A PRI line is end to end digital circuit...There is only one line physically terminating on the customer PBX but still a PRI line can receive or send a high-volume of calls simultaneously!

  • Since PRI lines are end-to-end digital line, clarity is much better than analog trunk lines.
  • PRI lines take less time to establish calls than analog trunk lines.
  • PRI lines can be used for voice connectivity, data connectivity, video conferencing, faxing, and all the above can be done simultaneously too (on different channels).
  • PRI line can connect to both Analog/Mixed EPABX systems and also the newer IP PBX systems.
  • PRI line can also be used to connect two PBX systems thereby providing many channels between them for interoperability.

What makes OpticalTel’s PRI Special?


OpticalTel has the best priced PRIs in the market and offers 100% digital quality.


We offer PRI’s utilizing a traditional T1 circuit or can provide you a PRI handoff from a Metro-E connection or via a cross connect at our colocation facility.


Locally-based technicians and 24/7 support proactively monitoring our network, assuring you unparalleled reliability and trustworthy business communications.


With its fast call-set up times and fast, error-free transmissions, OpticalTel’s PRI helps business improve productivity, improve service, and ultimately improve their customer satisfaction.

Why Get it?

  • OpticalTel’s PRI bring you a wide range of standard features and capabilities for one low price, which lets you take advantage of all the functionality you need and nothing you don't.
  • With PRI lines, you can assign specific B-channels to toll free numbers, direct inward or outward dialing for better voice, data and traffic flow.
  • PRI lines can be implemented quickly and can be configured to meet your specific requirement relative to inbound and outbound traffic.
  • PRI lines provide high speed, high capacity digital connectivity as well as intelligent call handling and caller ID functionality.


What equipment do I need for a PRI line?

OpticalTel PRI uses your existing infrastructure to enable all digital, high-speed voice and data applications that will increase your business’ productivity.

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