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SIP Trunking

What is SIP Trunking?

A SIP Trunk is primarily a concurrent call that is routed over the IP backbone of a carrier using VoIP technology.

  • A protocol named Session Initiation Protocol which has become the communications buzz phrase SIP. It is a signaling protocol in the same way as H.323. SIP is a standard and even though many hardware manufacturers interpret the standard differently, most of the SIP interpretations work together.
  • A connection that works over IP and should enable replacement of PSTN trunks by the internet. This permits businesses that have IP Handsets, an IP PBX and/or SIP Client on their PC or Tablet, installed to use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) even to outside the enterprise network by using the same connection as the Internet connection.
  • A service offered by OpticalTel and other ITSP to use SIP to setup communications between an enterprise PBX and the ITSP.
  • The main component which includes deploying SIP trunks: a PBX with a SIP-enabled trunk side, an enterprise edge device understanding SIP and an Internet telephony or SIP Trunking service provider.
  • A way to save on your telecommunications costs. SIP Trunks are cheaper than analog circuits and PRIs while maintaining the same service quality that businesses expect from line quality. Plus, PRIs are purchased in increments of 23 channels. Whereas, SIP Trunks can be purchased in increments of 1.

Why OpticalTel’s SIP Trunking?


Significant cost-savings for businesses, eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, costly PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces) or analog lines.


Locally-based technicians and 24/7 support proactively monitoring our network, assuring you unparalleled reliability and trustworthy business communications.


Always stay connected, even if your phone service is interrupted, your incoming calls can be routed to a different phone number or alternate location.

No busy signals

After upgrading your capacity, if your call volume increases, your calls will always get through.

Virtual Access

Stay connected when working remotely and manage your phone features online.

Managed Service

We provide you the ability to order SIP Trucks over our data service to guarantee the quality of your voice traffic for those critical calls.

Why Get It?

  • Cheaper than Analog lines and PRIs. Reduces the recurring costs of separate voice and data circuits and the costs associated with the purchase, support and maintenance of related hardware.
  • Increase network capacity without the expense of additional lines.
  • Scalable, quick and easy to add trunks and grow.
  • Get the productivity benefits of VoIP.
  • Can initiate not just voice communication, but other types of real-time communication such as video conferencing, IM, Presence and White-boarding.

Managed SIP Trunks?

Remember that the internet is unregulated, unmanaged and Voice traffic is sensitive to packet loss, delay and jitter which can cause your voice traffic to break up.

OpticalTel offers a managed network service to guarantee the quality of your voice traffic. We make sure you have enough bandwidth to facilitate the communication link by recommending, delivering and managing either a T1 or Metro-E connection to the Internet. No finger pointing, just one company to ensure quality. It just makes sense.

And opt for a T1 or Metro-E, it’s not worth having a system wide outage by ordering DSL to save a couple of hundred dollars on your bandwidth connection.

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