Optical Community Video
  • Standard and Digital Cable
  • Over 200 HD Channels
  • DVR Service with Online Content
  • Blockbuster™ Movie Pass
  • Stream thousands of movies to your TV or PC
  • TV and movies online
  • Video on demand with resolution equal to Blu Ray™ disc.
  • Over 100,000 titles available
  • International Channel Lineup
  • Multiple Community Channels
  • Premium Channels

High Definition TV

Get your favorite channels in HD

Your HD TV deserves the best HD programming. DISH Network offers a great selection of HD channels available FREE for life! Restrictions apply. Select the packages below to see what HD channels are available.

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Digital Video Recorder

Exclusive Sling technology enables portability of live and recorded programming. The VIP 722 SlingLoaded™ DVR also features a 1 Terabyte hard drive, the largest in the industry.

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Introducing DISH Online

Shows & Movies Online

Enjoy thousands of On demand TV shows and movies right on your computer. Anytime, anywhere.

Plus, as a DISH Network customer, login to unlock exclusive content from the networks you subscribe to - over 20,000 FREE shows and movies.

Program your DISH DVR from anywhere

Whether you’re on your couch or away from home, DISH Online is the easiest way to search for programs and schedule recordings of your favorite shows - all from your computer.

Watch your TV everywhere

Take your home TV with you wherever you go. With the award-winning VIP 722 SlingAdapter™ you can watch all of your live and recorded TV on DISH Online - all your channels, everything on your DVR.

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Blockbuster @Home

Now you can bring the Big Screen to your Home Screen. As a leading provider of America’s favorite TV Shows, DISH Network has joined with Blockbuster to offer customers the most extensive library of movies, games, and shows ever available. Don’t wait for your next movie to ship.

Just take a Blockbuster Movie Pass disc you received by mail into a participating Blockbuster store to exchange it for an in-store movie! When you return that disc to the store, the next title in your Blockbuster @Home queue will be sent to you.

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