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Get your favorite channels in HD

Get it now and watch your favorite shows in HD. Make sure you’re experiencing true HD on your HDTV with DISH HD programming and receivers. Available with America’s Top Packages.


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HD takes you further

Pick out the stitches on that football spinning towards the end zone with our High-Definition porgramming. You’ll find nothing compared to the breathtaking quality of your favorite programs and movies shown in HD.


A screening room in the home

Set up the comfortable chairs, and get out the popcorn. DISH shows movies in 1080p, the highest quality available, to bring the big screen movie theater experience into your home. Watch the latest releases, and all the classics, plus a new selection of 3D movies each month.


Section 1, Row 1, Seat 1

Sports so real you can watch the shoulder pads crunch, see the bat shake as it connects, and look into the center's eyes when he goes up for a dunk. HD brings incredible sports action right to you, with a coach's eye view from the comfort of your couch.

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