Behind experienced leadership, Opticaltel is quickly gathering market share in providing a much needed alternative for Video, Internet & Voice services. Opticaltel management has assembled a dynamic team of professionals grounded in the telecable sector and rich in telecom experience dedicated to steering the company to achieve key milestones and strategic objectives.

Mario Bustamante Headshot

Mario Bustamante, Sr.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As CEO of HControl, Mario is responsible for providing strategic leadership of the Company by working with the Board of Directors (the "Board") and the executive management team to establish, implement and oversee the long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies of the Company.

Luis F. Rodriguez Headshot

Luis F. Rodriguez

Chief Operating Officer (COO) & President

As COO and President of HControl, Luis is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. He is a performance-driven senior executive who brings his passion for building customer-focused enterprises and a proven record of achievement to consumer-oriented telecommunications companies.

With his unique entreprenual perspective and principles-based management, he drives business results that deliver exceptional returns to investors while providing meaningful work for employees and adding value to the community at-large. Luis has more than 20 years experience in general management, marketing, business development,acquisitions, and sales in both Fortune 1000 companies and early stage ventures. Contributing his creative and marketing-oriented thinking, Luis has excelled at conceiving strategies, building high-performance teams, and orchestrating implementations that have enabled companies to exceed their business and growth objectives in the face of rapidly changing conditions.

Prior to HControl, Luis was COO of Broadband Solutions, a telecommunications company where he oversaw sales, marketing, finance, technical operations, customer service and every aspect of daily business operations. He provided the company with sound strategic direction and practical results-oriented implementations that always reflected a passion for the customer experience.

He also uses this philosophy when contributing to his community through different charitable organizations. Luis resides in Miami with his wife and two children.