Binging With Impunity

I finished Amazon Prime …. on to Netflix!  And just like that, you devoured two entire seasons of a Formula 1 documentary, and it’s only Wednesday.  Those guys on the pit crew, with the sleek uniforms and helmets, well, that’s life at Opticaltel during the Covid 19 Grand Prix.

Over the last 2 years, VP Javier Aguirre has redesigned a content delivery network tailored for binging.  We have peering connections with all the big streaming platforms, so when most of us are enthralled by a murderous tiger tamer with a mullet, we got your bandwidth.  But that’s usually at 9PM, give or take, not at lunchtime.  Javier’s latest report is a 21{549996922c59b11e6deac8819a081feac347c5c9d1517ea2eb9133b562f61b9e} bump in network utilization courtesy of the virus

Meanwhile, in the B2B Division, Alfredo Cubina’s pit crew is adding WiFi access points to a nursing home customer, the first to eliminate personal visits.  That didn’t stop the home from enabling video chats with loved ones, one bed at a time.  Yet there was that pesky corner room on the far wing that had a dead spot.  The call came in with one minor requirement, it must be done by 4PM today!  Whoa, at that exact moment, 73{549996922c59b11e6deac8819a081feac347c5c9d1517ea2eb9133b562f61b9e} of our Boynton Beach residential communities have begun the 3rd season of “Ozark.”  We do like our drama, don’t we?

In the middle of this frantic choreography, we add capacity to an access circuit and repurpose an edge feed to Boca Raton, cause they decided to watch “Contagion” all at once, it seems.  So it’s 2:43 AM on Thursday and engineering supremo Victor Batista is leaving the data center after a 5 minute cut-over, no hiccups allowed.  “Man, what I would do for a large pepperoni right about now.”  Victor, wishful thinking at the moment, but I’m working on getting you a Ferrari.